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The Brittany Andrews returns to The SCORE Group

There is nothing in porn, from model and porn star to movie director/producer to web personality, that Brittany Andrews hasn’t done. She began as a stripper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became a feature dancer, and moved into magazine modeling in January 1995. She traveled on three of SCORE magazine’s Boob Cruises (1995, 1997 and 1998) and was a columnist for Leg Sex magazine (Brittany is a foot fetishist). Over the years, Brittany was a cable TV host, producer, club DJ, studio owner, film student (graduating from New York Film Academy) and website model. You name the position in adult entertainment, Brittany has done it. And now, at 49 years old, more than 25 years after she last got naked in The SCORE Group studios, she’s back to show off her big tits, incredible body and magical, gaping pussy for You’re going to see her fucking, too.

40Something: What do you consider your biggest assets mentally and physically?

Brittany: Mentally, my biggest assets are my intelligence and spirituality. I pride myself on being intellectually curious, constantly seeking knowledge and expanding my understanding of the world. My intelligence allows me to engage in deep conversations, think critically and approach challenges with a sharp mind. Additionally, my spiritual side brings a sense of peace, purpose and connection to something greater than myself, providing me with inner strength and balance.

Physically, I would say my biggest assets are my expressive eyes and my voluptuous figure, including my curvaceous chest. My eyes have the ability to convey emotions and captivate attention, reflecting my personality and adding an alluring touch to my overall presence. Along with that, my curvaceous figure, including my generous bust, adds to my feminine appeal and embraces my self-confidence.

40Something: What makes you feel sexy?

Brittany: I feel my sexiest when I am dressed in a sexy outfit, my hair and makeup are done flawlessly, and I have a man by my side who genuinely appreciates both my physical appearance and who I am as a person. The combination of looking and feeling my best, along with the presence of a partner who recognizes and values my unique qualities, boosts my confidence and ignites a sense of allure and sexiness within me. It’s the combination of external presentation and genuine admiration that truly makes me feel irresistibly sexy.

40Something: What kinds of things make you laugh hardest?

Brittany: What makes me laugh the hardest is a mix of crass and perverted comedy, like my favorite comedian, Ali Wong, and adorable, funny animal videos. I’m a sucker for cute cat and dog videos.

Date: February 5, 2024