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Big-titted mom Kristee Lixx does her son’s friend

Kristee, a big-titted wife and mom from Oklahoma, is 47 years old. James, the guy sitting on her couch, is a lot younger than her. A lot. He’s been a friend of the family for a long time. And, Kristee’s noticed he’s always checking her out. Now he’s going to get what he wants. She’s going to get what she wants, too.

“I don’t think we should be doing this, Mrs. Lixx,” he says to her.

Doing what? Well, what they’re about to do. James is going to suck Mrs. Lixx’s tits and eat her pussy. Mrs. Lixx is going to suck his cock. And then they’re going to fuck.

Kristee told us, “I kind of have a thing for nerdy guys. Hot and somewhat toned but nerdy.”

She also said, “This is something I’ve wanted to try. I’d also like to try parasailing, skydiving, and I’d love to attend a Super Bowl game.”

In our opinion, this is much more exciting.

“I enjoy younger guys,” Kristee said. “I had my daughter when I was 15, therefore, her friends all thought I was a MILF. Later on, when they were adults, over 21, I’ve had sex with two of her guy friends. She doesn’t know.”

It’ll be our secret.

Date: February 5, 2024