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Bad Stepmom – S20:E7

Demi Hawks chats with her adopted mom, Pristine Edge. She comments that she heard Pristine and her new stepdad all night last night. Pristine claims it was a board game and that they played it like eight times with Tyler Cruise, her new stepson. Demi takes Pristine at her word.The next night, Pristine is once again playing games with Tyler when Demi overhears. This time, instead of listening at the door, Demi lets herself in. She sees the type of so-called game being played between her adopted mom and stepbrother, and finds it hot as hell. When Pristine realizes that Demi has joined them in the room, she invites Demi to come play as well. Soon, she and Pristine are both on their knees sucking Tyler off.Now that it’s a full on threesome, the girls get freaky with Tyler. Demi rides his fuck stick while Pristine masturbates and then climbs onto his mouth. Then Pristine gets dicked down in doggy while Demi diddles herself. Pristine takes a pussy pounding on her back, then urges Demi to take her place. With Pristine tugging Tyler’s hair as he fucks Demi, it’s all he can do to pull out and cum all over his stepsis’s stomach.

Date: February 5, 2024