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40-year-old Cindy Gold fixes her patient’s hard-on problem

A guy goes to a shrink. He’s having sex problems with his wife. The shrink is beautiful and is wearing sexy lingerie. She’s going to solve his sex problems the old-fashioned way: by sucking and fucking his dick back to life.

The shrink is 40-year-old Cindy Gold, who happens to be wearing alluring lingerie. We don’t know if this guy is going to go home and fuck his wife, but we have a good idea he’s going to come back to Dr. Gold for some more of her special treatment.

Cindy is a divorcee and mom. She said she likes men who know what they want. This guy doesn’t know what he wants, but Cindy wants his cock anyway.

What gets her off best: “Licking and kissing.”

She’s sexually assertive. She definitely is here.

She likes to be watched while having sex. She loves cock and pussy just about equally. Basically, she’s more cut out for this than she is for being a psychologist.

Date: February 5, 2024